Bethesda Is Still Developing Single Player Games Like Starfield And The Elder Scrolls 6, Dev Says

Long story short: people really need to stop worrying. Ever since Fallout 76, an online-focused shared-world title, was announced by Bethesda at E3, people have, to put it mildly, been losing their minds. Bethesda Game Studios, one of the biggest cheerleaders of single player only titles, is making an online game? How dare they! They’ve more

‘You can’t kill Lara Croft!’ – Eidos Montreal’s boss on completing a trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the final game in the rebooted trilogy that refreshed the Lara Croft mythos, taking us back to her first adventures. Now Eidos Montreal studio head David Anfossi has spoken to our own Official Xbox Magazine about how the story marks the end of that journey. But don’t worry, it’s more

PUBG Is A ‘Literal Pile Of Shit’ – The Jimquisition

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be a commercial success, but it’s certainly not smelling of roses. After being effortlessly surpassed by Epic Games’ Fortnite and facing criticism for its lackluster updates in the face of competition, PUBG’s lost a huge deal of any goodwill it may have had. Its recent missteps with loot boxes and a moronic more

Supposedly pristine South American forest had been pre-Columbian farmland

Enlarge / Lake Huila records centuries of environmental change in the Quijos Valley. On the slopes of northern Ecuador’s Quijo Valley, perpetual clouds shroud the canopy of a seemingly pristine tropical forest. But the beauty of the cloud forest hides a violent, tragic history. A new study of sediments from the valley’s Lake Huila reveals more

Fighting a toxic Steam community – and winning

Steam community

Share this article Companies in this article Battling a toxic Steam community is a more straightforward task than one might think. According to Creative Assembly’s Grace Carroll, the Total War developer turned its own forum around by simply taking part; the “visible presence of moderation”, she said, was enough to make a huge difference in more