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The second game was one I took an opportunity on buying after studying rave evaluations online called Likewise. Simply hosted my second Family Game Night and had a blast. After a burst of sales at their preliminary adoption, hardware gross sales tend to sluggish, and the console manufacturer and software program corporations settle into long-term more

Hellblade was a good depiction of mental illness but games need to be sharper •

Games are, generally, not very good at depicting mental illness. Games are atrocious at tackling a lot of topics, to be fair, but this one is surprisingly prevalent: sanity meters, psycho villains, dozens of games set in insane asylums. This is probably why so many people leapt at the chance to praise Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Armoured AI squads, multi-purpose Hellfires, and 360 turrets – how Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is making scorestreaks devastating

When killstreaks made their debut in Call of Duty, it was one of the mechanics that helped the genre-defining FPS series stand out. The evolution of the killstreak has been up and down – we’ve had game-ending nukes, attack dogs, and even AI gunships over the course of the series. Eventually, the killstreak was swapped more